how would my business benefit from a video or commercial?
Study after study has shown that video carries a strong ROI (RETURN ON INVESTMENT) when used in marketing platforms. Video has not only become a desirable choice for marketing professionals, but it has become a standard in virtually every business venture - period. Video is a fast-growing and educational tool that immediately engages your prospects. And, most importantly, it can help develop a sense of trust between your business and your future customers. A quality commercial screams professionalism; in short, it will separate you from the competition immediately.

Who actually owns the rights to the video once completed?
You will, of course! Once your fee has been paid in full, and your video is delivered, you will retain copyright ownership of your video. You can post it anywhere you like, share it anywhere you like, broadcast it anywhere you like. Black Fox will simply retain the right to use the video for advertising purposes (such as posting the video to social media or using still frames in marketing materials).

Does black fox offer still photography services?
Black Fox productions does not offer still photography services and specializes in video production only, but we can recommend some very talented photographers to you!

Does black fox offer DRONE VIDEOGRAPHY services?
Sure do! We are FAA Certified drone pilots. Please contact us for pricing.

Does BLack fox offer live streaming services?
Black Fox does not offer live streaming services. Live streaming is a highly specialized trade and we only offer production of short-form content such as commercials, wedding videos, music videos, and real estate walkthroughs.

when can i expect my video to be delivered?
The delivery date of your video is dependent on the shooting schedule and the type of video you need. Generally, you can expect to receive your video anywhere from a week to a month after shooting is completed.

Is a percentage of my fee required to secure a shoot date?
Yes. Black Fox requires a percentage of your total fee to be paid at contract signing. This also will secure your shoot date.

How will my video be delivered?
Your video will be digitally delivered straight to your email address. You may also view it anytime on Black Fox's social media sites such as Youtube. For wedding videos, you will receive a custom-engraved USB drive with your names on the cover.​​​​​​​
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