Black Fox Productions was created by professional videographer Jack Moffet. Born and raised in South Georgia, he believes that every project should be as creative as it is fun to make. Every shot and every frame counts, in his view, but not at the expense of having a good time along the way.
Known for his extraordinarily strong work ethic and going the extra mile to ensure a quality product, Jack brings over a decade of experience in film production to Black Fox. He has worked as an editor and videographer for various companies such as MTV and the Outdoor Channel.
Jack lives and breathes all things cinematic, and he brings this unwavering passion to set every day in favor of grounded storytelling. 
The real reward for all this hard work, though, is potentially seeing his customers smile, laugh, or even cry over a project that was produced for their enjoyment. Just like its namesake, Black Fox Productions is the elusive, rare company that will hunt down rare stories in the world that need telling.
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